Talent Sourcing

WEPS has proven its competence in the past to provide the right candidates to Companies through Talent Sourcing. Talent sourcing is the act of finding and qualifying people who would be a good cultural and skill fit for a company.
With the competition as fierce as it is, only companies with a clear and effective strategy succeed. A good strategy begins with understanding where to find, or “source,” the best candidates. Companies have complete trust in WEPS for sourcing candidates.
WEPS follows the comprehensive process of identifying, generating, researching, and networking with potential hires.

WEPS is using the following components of talent sourcing:

  • Creating descriptive job advertisements
  • Locating candidates via online networks, in-person events, or employee referrals
  • Searching candidates using Job Fair
  • Generate Passive Leads
  • Communicating with candidates using timely, personalized messaging
  • Screening the most qualified candidates for available opportunities