Employers must ensure their workplace are safety while working at height to performance a task in their daily activities. By attending this course, the workers know the hazard of working at height and how to prevent a fall. using the right methods, this will eliminate the hazard during carrying out their work at height, thus reducing accident at workplace.


This course introduces the candidate to many aspects of the Health & Safety at Work and is intended help raise safety standards and awareness. By the end of the course delegates will know how to manage safety effectively.


1 Day Training


This course is aimed at:

  • Staff in the workplace that required to work at height
  • Contractors
  • Safety officers
  • Maintenance personneland etc


The learning topics for the course include:

  • Introduction to working at height (WAH)
  • What is the guideline on WAH in Malaysia?
  • How to prevent from a fall while WAH
  • Fall injury data and the causes when WAH
  • How do perform HIRARC /JSA
  • Do you have permit to work for (WAH)?
  • What if you have to work more than 1.5 meters?
  • Type of ladders and how use and properly
  • Do you have an inspection safety checklist?
  • What is the other PPE when performing WAH?
  • Do you know the right way to use hardness?
  • What is a scaffold and when to used it?
  • What is the equipment to use when WAH?
  • Group discussion on HIRARC /JSA at workplace
  • Q and A Session


The WAH Course is perfect for delivering as to understand of the methodology on working at height and using the right tool to performance a different task while working at height.