This course aims to provide a solid foundation of operational risk management in the finance industry in Malaysia. It provides comprehensive coverage of theories, concepts, and applications in Operational Risk Management. Hands-on sessions and practicing cases will enable the participants to analyze and unleash the trend and come up with policy implications. This program also is the ideal qualification for anyone looking to develop an understanding of operational risk management.


The course will develop an understanding of the importance of operational risk management within the Banking and Finance industry and build an appreciation for the impact operational risk can have. The focus is on the practical implication of operational risk, rather than just the theory. To this end, real-world examples and case studies in the organizations are used throughout. The aim is that participants not only leave with a better understanding of operational risk but also how better to manage it.


This course is aimed at individuals whose roles involve operational risk management, or anyone with an interest in operational risk and would like to gain a better understanding of the real-world implications and how to better deal with them.


The learning topics for the course include:

  • Introduction to Risk Management and Operational Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Risk Governance and the Regulatory Treatment of Operational Risk
  • Final Assessment