Employers must ensure their workplace are safety by conducting Risk Analysis in order all the risk are properly analyzed and mitigate in their business effective. This course will introduce students to an extend Risk Register which will aid in communications and managing expectations, as well as impact assessment and risk response planning.


Risk analysis training is designed to help participants build strong risk analysis and assessment skills so that they can support the business effectively. Students will gain knowledge and skills by practicing techniques that will help them effectively identify and assess risks, plan appropriate approaches, and communicate and manage information that should minimize the potential impacts of risk to both the project and the solution overall.


1 Day Training


This course is aimed at:

  • EHS and Facilities Engineer
  • SH committee
  • Supervisor & Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Safety officer


The learning topics for the course include:

  • Understanding the problem, positioning the solution for success
  • Why risk assessment is critical to enabling successful project delivery
  • Identifying potential risks, sources of risks and Evaluating types of risks
  • Learn how to assess the impact of risks and prioritize
  • Assessing the likelihood of a risk occurring
  • Analyzing the impact a risk could have if it occurred
  • Identifying the potential timeframe for risk occurrence
  • Calculating risk and prioritizing risks for effective management
  • Understand the key risk responses and learn how to identify which is most appropriate
  • Developing robust yet lean mitigation or contingency plan
  • Learn why proactive risk management and communications are critical for effective collaboration
  • Delegating risks to team members for ownership and management
  • Transitioning from risk management to issue management while still managing expectations


This Course is perfect for delivering as to understand of the methodology and analyzed the risk for taking action and to eliminate the risk immediately.