This course is suitable for all top management, Managers, Supervisors and Workers in manufacturing environments who needs to be aware of OSHA and its requirements in the workplace will benefit from this course.
What a top management and managers participation will be able to contributes the success on establishing and maintaining the safety committee in the organization.


To provide the overviews and understanding of the Safety and Health regulation on Safety and Health Committee requirement in OSHA 1994. The participants are able to assist in establishing an effective Safety committee in the organization successfully.


1 Day Training


This course is aimed at:

  • Top and middle management
  • EHS manager Safety and Health
  • Safety officer committee
  • HOD
  • Management representative and etc


The learning topics for the course include:

  • Safety & Health Legislations
    • Formation of Safety and health committee
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Safety committee meeting and requirement
  • Success and failure of a safety committee
    • Demonstrating Top Management Commitment to the Committee
    • Commitment statement
    • Setting annual Goal
  • Creating effective Safety Committee
    • Promoting Safety culture
    • 5 stages of safety culture
    • Involvement of safety culture


This course is conducted via zoom sessions shall be followed with discussion, presentation and/ or structured exercises, as well as questions and answers. Course material shall be professionally designed for ease of understanding and application.