• Recognise the Need for Innovation in Business
  • Overcome Resistance to New Ideas, Form a Creative Problem-solving Mindset, Build New Products
  • Understand Design Thinking Process and How to Implement it in YOUR Job and Organisation
  • Succeed By Developing Your Own Design Thinking Innovation Toolkit

Target Group

Anyone can join – No experience required


1-day / 8 hours

Course Outcome

  • Leverage on Fundamental Design Thinking Principles to Address Your Business Challenges
  • Discover the Innovation Toolkit to Implement Design Thinking

Course Content/Learning topics for the course

  • What is Design Thinking & Why is it Important: The Success Stories of Design Thinking
  • Living in The VUCA World: Design Thinking helps to solve Complex problems and Wicked problems through INNOVATION
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Human-Centered Design (HCD) Philosophy
  • 5-Step Design Process by GInI (Global Innovation Institute, US)
  • Toolkit for Innovation
  • The Application of Design Thinking
  • Where Design Thinking is Applied
  • Who Uses Design Thinking in Organizations
  • Who Owns Design Thinking
  • What Organizations are Doing with Design Thinking
  • What Types of Companies are Adopting Design Thinking?
  • Careers in Design Thinking
  • Any executive / professional might go about enhancing his/her personal capacity for Design thinking
  • How can ‘Design Thinking’ transform YOUR CAREER

Methodology : Online / Face-to-Face