Digital transformation has been creating a buzz across all industries and sector for nearly a decade now. It has enabled private and governmental entities to apply innovations in digital technology to revamp processes and identify new business models. It is a powerful and necessary journey that many organizations must embark. This switch does not happen easily as it requires a strategy and the tools that will support the objectives of digital transformation.
But it is much more about the mindset, people, and processes in the organization than any specific technology alone. Digital Transformation is all about customer centricity, empowerment by digital technology and an organization’s mindset, its people and processes are at the center


2 Days ( Can be customized as per Client’s requirements)

Target Audience

Top, Middle & Junior Management

Course Objectives

  • The mindset of the organization changes. People are resistant to change – they’ve been doing things one way for years and it’s hard to get them to buy into new approaches. Success requires employees who understand the urgency and are eager for and willing to embrace digital initiatives.
  • Employees acquire new skills. Through a combination of hiring younger, digitally savvy people to training existing employees, it’s crucial to upskill and cross skill your workforce so that they’re comfortable with newer paradigms like mobile-centric customer support or collaboration with colleagues worldwide.
  • Processes change to infuse digital into the organization’s operations. Business-as-usual is no longer viable. Manual, redundant processes expend organizational energy on wasteful activities. Upgraded, digital processes such as electronic new employee onboarding and digital time-off request forms focus your talent on what’s important – customers, students, and patients.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Concepts
  • Best Digital Practices in the World
  • Digital Tools and Platforms
  • Developing Business/Operation Plan using Digital Tools
  • Digital Programs