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Our Vision

To revolutionise the training industry in the Asia Pacific region by making customised detailed programs per client requirement to ensure training to be more effective, practical and adaptable to the real work life environment.

Our Mission

To deliver our customised training based on 3 core principles:

1. Contextualized Content

Learning and self-development is a process and is most effective when it addresses issues directly relevant to the learner and work environment. We strive to ensure our content is customized to detail in the context of our individual client’s requirements.

2. Ideal Environment

Learning is most effective when students learn together with peers and occurs best in a supportive environment. We provide an ideal learning environment either onsite or in-house depending on clients preference.

3. Measurable Outcome

Learning and personal development is a transformation process that takes time to accomplish. With WEPS there is a way to measure its outcome, we have developed a detailed customised tracking system that can help organizations track students progress and evaluation from day one of training to even after the training is over if need be.


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