Curriculum Design & Content Development

WEPS’ flagship curriculum design & content development offering is spearheaded by our specialist Content Development Team. We are one of the most capable providers of custom learning design and content development solutions in the world. Using our design methodology and the most advanced media capabilities, we develop learning programs in all delivery formats, including instructor-led, online, blended, and collaborative learning.

Our content development services are based on instructional design best practices, and our rigorous process enables us to deliver superior courses against predictable timelines. Client success is assured through appropriate tollgates and approvals at each step. We offer flexible engagement models that rely either on our proven tools & infrastructure, or adapt to our customer’s preferred development environment. We partner with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) throughout the process to ensure that the program is highly accurate and effective.

Our customers have realized on-ground business impact ( whether it is an improved time to proficiency, greater profitability, or increased efficiency) through the content solutions developed by us.